Barb Stafford McCluskey

Artist Barb Stafford chooses to sign her work with her maiden name McCluskey. Her strong connection to the land has always been her source of inspiration. “I am an emotional painter, my oil paintings depict my concern with nature’s vanishing spaces.”   Through the use of traditional oils, her landscapes are intuitive response to a collective imprint of Canada.  “The world is full of social anxiety, when I am in nature the pattern of time quiets my soul.”

Predominantly self-taught Barb studied Commercial Art, only to return to canvas to paint. Barb’s work is driven by omission of sharp edges, it helps the painting feel like it has movement. “I work the surface quickly comfortable in my style. Part of what we do as artists is dream, waking up each morning with a chance to explore a white canvas, creating a visual dance, and sculpt paint. I’m lucky to have the leisure to explore other mediums at this time.”

Facebook: McCluskey Art Studio


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