Dawn Schmidt

My name is Dawn Schmidt and I grew up in Southern Manitoba, Canada. From an early age I was drawn to the arts, always creating, drawing, playing piano, writing music and performing as a jazz vocalist.  I was also influenced early on by my grandmother who was a landscape painter.

As life happened it wasn’t until later while raising my four young children that I realized I needed an outlet for my lost creativity, so I began expressing myself through painting.

I started taking courses and became part of a local art council which allowed me to mature as an artist. I am deeply inspired by the beauty of nature and the vivid colors of our seasons.

I’ve had the honour of painting live on stage with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.  I have also had several local organizations commission me to paint pieces for them and my art hangs in homes across Canada and the United States.

Painting brings me much happiness and I hope you will receive a measure of joy and inspiration from my work. My work is currently being represented by Pulse Gallery at the Forks. 


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