Elma Rauser

Elma Rauser’s works in acrylic, oils, pastels and photography are a reflection of her natural curiosity. An avid student of life and the world around her, Elma’s passion is to recreate the sensations and detail of the scenes she captures on camera or canvas. She immerses herself in the settings she is trying to recreate in order to capture firsthand the wildlife, prairie scenes and landscapes that inspire her.  Her enthusiasm for understanding and becoming absorbed by her subject matter is evident in her range of works which include portraits of children and adults enjoying experiences in nature, wildlife, prairie scenes and the landscapes that inspire her.

Her accomplishments as an artist have grown along with her skills and use of media. A strong understanding of how colour and light are seen by the eye continues to guide her. Her paintings can be seen in private collections in theUnited States, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and the Philippines. Many of Elma’s paintings are also available in Limited Edition.

She teaches several classes, runs workshops and has organized yearly art shows. No matter what the subject or medium, her art is an expression of what she sees: beauty, design and colour.


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