Eugene Kabrun

I have had an interest in art since my early childhood in Kyiv, Ukraine. At the age of five, my parents had me participate in art lessons. When I was ten years old, I started my evening painting lessons in the Pioneers Palace in Kyiv. There I took part in children’s art shows. In 1990, I moved with my family to Israel, where I designed aquariums by order and sold my paintings. I have participated in an international art show in Moscow, as well as exhibits in The United States, Israel, and Canada among other locations. Several of my artworks use a special 3D author’s technique. I also do portraits by order of any size, as well as landscape and still-life.
I have worked with multiple art galleries, including Steinbach Arts Council, Wayne Arthur Gallery, Night Art Gallery in Minnesota, Art Panorama in Moscow, and more. I have had several exhibitions in the United States in Minnesota and other nations abroad. I am looking for galleries with whom I can have a long-lasting artistic relationship.
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