Robert Hogue

Born and raised in St. Boniface, Manitoba Bob attended and graduated from Provencher high school. He spent four years of his youth in Seven Sister Falls, a small town north east of Winnipeg. He is a relative of the famous Metis leader Louis Riel. As a teenager, it was not unusual for him to beaway in the woods for several days at a time. It was in those days that he came to appreciate nature and the outdoors. At an early age Bob showed promise as an artist, and he kept it with him while he apprenticed as a graphic artist. In those days graphic artists did all their work by hand. It was before the computer age. Later Bob owned and operated a company called Classic Signs. It was a company he operated for more than twenty-five years. He has retired from the world of business to pursue his dreams of travelling and painting the many subjects of Canada’s North West.

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