Tatiana Gregoryanz

Tatiana’s artistic interests budded at an early age with fascination with drawing, composition, and the drama of black and white photography. 

After years of sketching, painting with watercolors and acrylic, and several projects in mosaics, Tatiana discovered the art of warm glass, and now this is her primary artistic focus.

There are many styles in warm glass, and while making her favourite pieces in small collections, Tatiana loves painting on glass in traditional stained glass techniques. 

Driven by curiosity and interest in storytelling Tatiana takes time to explore other media while creating visual narrative. 

You can find her textile sculptures and polymer clay bas relief work in various art galleries of Winnipeg. 

Facebook page: Moose and Walnut

Phone: 204.957.7140  

email: thepulsegallery@gmail.com

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